Saturday, October 29, 2011


I figured I would take advantage of having a computer to use. I went to the doctor yesterday and had my "official" first appointment of the pregnancy. So basically they did a pap and drew blood and checked the heart beat. While I was sitting and talking with my doctor about everything she told me that there were a lot of things we were just going to have to wait and see what happens. She told me that my history is EXTREMELY ODD. Nice right? It is a little frusterating to hear from a doctor that you are odd. Not onlyu because, who wants to be odd, and second that just means that all of this is trial and error.  For me this is not the first time. When I was dealing with the infection on my hand I was told by several health care professionals that I was "odd", "different", "weird". She explained that because of how both of my previous pregnancies turned out she was really not sure how this one will turn out. She thinks that the circlage would be a really good place to start but for the most part we are playing everything by ear. Although this is frusterating, I am still excited! My husband is really starting to rub off on me:) I don't know what happened but he seems way more into this one than the others. (other than his silly moment I mentioned in a previous post).
So I looked down today and could barely see my toes! I am still in the first trimester so you might ask how my belly got so big so fast. Answer is its not my belly its my boobs! They are HUGE! I am not even joking. I am sure I will develop back problems before this baby gets here especially at the rate they are growing. I have always been "blessed" with a big chest but holy wow this is too much!!! Not to mention they hurt all the time. Does this continue through the entire pregnancy? I don't remember this from the last two times. I remember them being sore but not so big. Anyways, I will stop ranting about my HUGE
I had a meeting with my boss today about all my scheduling. I feel it went really well. Because of my type A personality, its a huge relief to have an organized plan all the way around. Between my doctor, my work, and my home we are ready with a plan! As long as we (including the baby) can stick to that everything is all good! Even if I am odd:)

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