Thursday, October 13, 2011

Things that make you go hmmmm.........

I was reading facebook today and I saw a little blurb that said "pray for the baby that was found in the bin and ants were eating it." I have a really hard time with this. I WANT a baby SO bad that to see someone be so neglectful and careless makes me SUPER angry. There are plenty of programs out there, there are plenty of PEOPLE like me that would take that baby and love it and give it a good life. I mean at least someone found the poor thing before it was dead but still, not exactly the best way to come into the world. Is it lack of education on these programs or what? I see things on TV and all over for these things. Why wouldn't someone just take their baby to the hospital and then split? put it in a basket on someones doorstep, that is better than in the trash!  I don't know. It just really gets to me. I know so many people that would give anything for a child and then you read things like this. Anyways, that was my upset for the day. I cried and everything about it. I guess maybe I don't understand this part of the "plan" you know?
On a brighter note, I haven't thrown up for over 24 hours now! YAY me! The medicine that the doctor gave me has helped that a lot. I still don't feel the greatest and I am still extremely tired but I will take that over hugging a toilet any day (that is why I never liked drinking much, not really a big fan of throwing up:) Tonight at work, saltines and soda is what saved me. One of the Valet guys that I work with said when he was younger and got sick he swore by pepsi and saltines so I decided to try it (I was willing to try just about anything) Much to my suprise it has settled my stomach all night! I was having problems with crackers before because they were too dry but with the soda and carbonation, it fixes that problem.
On a brighter note than the first one but not so much brighter than the second. I am still smoking:( I did really good for a day or two and then today (before work) I kindof  "fell off the wagon." My brother Daniel is in Australia on a Mission. When I wrote him and told him my news I brought up the whole smoking thing. He sent me some good advice that I will share with you all.  "I've never had to do it, but I've gained a bit of insight in trying to help people quit here in Australia. The amazing thing is that it can be done. Especially with the Lord's help. If you slip back into it don't give up. Don't be too hard on yourself either. Only be hard enough on yourself to do better next time. I have full confidence that you can do anything you set your mind to. Just imagine the relief that will come in so many aspects. Financial relief, physical relief, spiritual relief, and so on." He is my younger brother but already so much wiser than I. He is absolutely right about the relief. Cigarettes ARE a burden on me. They are expensive, they smell bad, they create health problems, and so much more. I appreciate that he has faith in me. And I really like the part where he said "only be hard enough on yourself to do better next time." That is something that seems so simple but its amazing how big a difference it made in my own head. People always tell me not to be too hard on myself, but that is how I have justified my actions. I say "I can't stress myself about this so I am just going to do it." Well this time that isn't the case. So, this time around I will make it 3 days instead of 2 because I know I can:) Thanks Daniel your my hero!
One more thing that I really just can't help but comment on. It really has nothing to do with my pregnancy other than it has to do with my family and the way I was raised. Mormons are a cult? Really people? We are not Christians? Really? That whole thing is really irritating. I may not go to church, or live my life like I should being who I am and how I was raised but I will admit that this situation kind of hurt my feelings too. It makes me sad that people are so ignorant. You really just shouldn't say anything if you don't know what your talking about. Cult or not I am proud to be a part of the LDS church and I believe in Jesus Christ and I believe that is all I need to be considered a Christian. Besides when it comes to an election who really cares about the religion. People blind themselves to the more important things because they can't move past that? That is stupid. When people run for office they don't do it to preach or push their religion on anyone so why is it even coming up? There are plenty of people out there that have the same standards and morals and are not mormon. If they were running no one would question it just because they are not mormon? Come on people!!! Lets get it together really!
Ok that is all my ranting for the day. Sorry to go all religious on your asses but I couldn't help it:) Have a fabulous day!


  1. I'm glad you are feeling better! Medicine is the ONLY WAY I don't end up on IV's in the hospital in my pregnancies. It's so worth taking so you can eat. I hope things continue to go well!

  2. you just used asses and religion in the same sentence bahaha! anyway I feel the same way about babies. My brother Sam has had to adopt. it has been hard for me to understand why it is fair that people starve their kids when there are food stamps, and abandon their babies, and get abortions have the privilege. there is a similar case in the news right now here, a women abandons her babies every year or 2 in the river. my kids heard about it and it has been all they talk about the last few days. you can leave babies at the hospital they even pay your delivery costs. one of Sam's kids came that way.

    and I agree with Daniel I know lots of people who have quit. there is no reason you can't too. I love "If you slip back into it don't give up. Don't be too hard on yourself either. Only be hard enough on yourself to do better next time." I need that right now I am having a hard time with things too.

    and you will feel better soon. the second trimester is really cool. the baby moving is amazing, and not too big to be uncomfortable yet.

    have a great week.