Wednesday, February 8, 2012


WOW!!! So I have made it to 23 weeks! This is very exciting for us! We have entered into the unknown:) Everything that we are dealing with now, we have never had to in the past. It is a learning experience. I am definately starting to look pregnant (without being able to hide it). Not even my T-shirts hide it anymore. I can feel the baby move..........ALL THE TIME! He is a crazy man in there. Willy was able to feel him for the first time yesterday which was fun. My mom and sister Emily got to come with me this last week to see the ultrasound. It was amazing! It is really weird to see how much bigger he already is than he was at 17 weeks. Also, good news is that my cervix is still ok. It hasn't gotten any smaller so that is a great sign. The baby is growing the way he is suppose to and all his organs seem to be developing in a timely matter. At the last doctors appointment they gave me all the hospital paperwork (pre-registration) as well as info on birthing classes. Again two things we have not had to do in the past. I am excited about the birthing class. Mostly to meet some people who are getting ready to have kids too. I did meet a few at a nutrition class I went to last week and it was really fun. It is nice to talk to people who may be experiencing some of the same things. I was also blessed with a wonderful baby shower this last week. Yes it was a little early but we did it so my mom and sisters could be here too. I got a lot of great things for the new baby! I am a lucky girl to have the family and friends that I do. The only problem is now I just want to go shop for the baby and I don't really have the money to do that. I decided to start my own baby shopping fund:) I figure if I save $5 here and there in a few months I will have a little bit to go and spend! My other problem is that I am a sucker for baby clothes. We still need some other stuff before I can just buy him clothes. I should probably make a list and cross things off as I go. It is exciting to plan all of this! Gosh I just feel so blessed and happy about this pregnancy! I am thankful for everything!