Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It has been a while.....

So it has been a while since I wrote anything on this blog and it started to make me feel bad. Things are looking really good though. Our baby is growing bigger and bigger every day:) He is actually in the 80th percentile in size for his age. All the doctor keeps saying is "This is gonna be one big baby!" We are pretty excited!

I have had to deal with some other things. First, about a  month ago when I had an ultrasound, they found that my cervix had gotten shorter. It went from being 3.1cm to 2.7 cm. This created a little bit of a scare (although at the time I was truly freaking out). I had to go to the hospital and be put on all the monitors. I know that my doctor is just looking out for me but man its hard sometimes not to just cry. It turned out fine. The baby was doing great and so was mama:) The result of this however, is that at the rate that my cervix is shrinking we may have to take the cerclage (the stitch in my cervix) out earlier than expected. At that point it could be hours, days, or even still weeks before the baby arrives. The goal is to make it to about April 19. I think I could handle a month early. We are both so anxious for the little guy to get here that I think we would be ok with that. Not to mention how big he is going to be. A few weeks early and a little smaller, yea I think I like the sound of that! We do understand that it is better if the baby makes it full term but given my history we are happy we have made it this far!

The second thing I dealt with was a kidney stone. Just so everyone is clear, kidney stones are the WORST things in the entire world! I spent a few days in the hospital dealing with that. I have had several kidney stones in the past, but I promise it is worse when your pregnant. I have found it interesting, how many more questions you have to ask when you are pregnant and in a situation like this. Like how the treatment is going to affect the baby and so on. When before there was no question. Just fix me up doc. Do whatever it takes. Its not quite that easy when you are pregnant. The wonderful nurses at the Family Birthing Center really made it so much better. They are amazing people. It was nice to be waited on hand and foot for a few days even if I was in pain:) Needless to say it has all passed. I am kidney stone free for now;)

The last thing that I had to do this month is testing for gestational diabetes. I went a few days ago and they gave me a sugar drink. It tasted like really flat 7up with an extra tablespoon of sugar. It was really just gross. Anyways, I drank the drink and waited an hour for them to draw my blood. It came back just barely negative. So she wanted it to be below 140 and I was at 137. Now, I have to have a glucose test done every appointment. If my glucose test ever comes back over 99 (that is on the test at the office) then I have to go back in and take the dreaded 3 hour glucose test. We talked about adjusting my diet slightly as to try and avoid this being the case. I definately have to cut back on some of the sweet stuff that I love so dearly:) I guess that means Willy has to as well. He always brings home candy for me, and I love him for it, but if its here I will eat it, so I had to tell him no more. It should be an interesting challenge for the both of us for sure.

I don't know if I mentioned in the last entry, about my wonderful baby shower! My great friend Rikki put it all together for me. It really turned out so great! Better than I could have expected. I don't know if everyone who was there reads this but if I haven't said thank you in person, just know that we are so grateful for all the wonderful, supportive people we have in our lives. Also, to anyone who was not there but have given us things, we thank you as well. This pregnancy for us is such a blessing, something we were not sure was ever going to happen for us and without the help of our family and friends, both financially and emotionally it wouldn't be happening for us. We are truely blessed!

I am gonna leave it all at that. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy!