Thursday, September 29, 2011

A good Doctor is KEY!

I LOVE my doctor! She is absolutely amazing! She has been in touch with me throughout the last year even when I was not pregnant. She always calls whenever she sees that I have been in to the emergency room or just anything. She puts my mind at ease because she is really on top of everything. You know how some doctors will come in and read everything about you off a chart, well my doctor did her research before I ever had an appointment. She came in the room (last time I was pregnant) and already knew about my medical history without looking at a chart or anything for that matter. I was really impressed. I am glad she is going to be my doctor again! When she called me yesterday she was so excited it was like she was having the kid lol! She is ready to go with a plan in place!
First part of the plan is to constantly check my hormone levels to make sure they are going up. I went in on 9/27/11 and my hormone level was at 760. According to a chart with the hormone levels I am about 5 weeks pregnant. They say that when your pregnant your hormones should double about every 48 hours. I will go in tomorrow 9/29/11 to have more blood drawn to make sure we are headed in the right direction. No wonder women are crazy when they are prego. Those are some major hormone levels especially considering when your not prego they are at like 5;)
The next step (sort of) is a lot of ultrasounds (which is going to cost me an arm and a leg). She moved my first one up to the beginning of next week. She said it is still too early to really see a baby but we should be able to see a utarin wall. She is basically going to double check that everthing on the inside is functioning properly.
I have a feeling I am going to be going to the doctor a lot this time around. The way she made it sound is my appointments are going to be set up as if I were already in my third trimester. So for those of you who have been pregnant know that means going to the doctor all the time! (again going to cost an arm and a leg, don't have any of those left so hopefully no one else wants money from me;)
There are a few goals I have with this pregnancy. I decided I would try and focus on one at a time to try and eliminate any extra stress. So I have officially set my first goal: Quit Smoking Cigarettes.
This is going to be a really hard one for me, that is why I decided to start with it. I have smoked for several years and have been unsuccessful in the past trying to quit. Even though the doctors (both times I was pregnant) said that that was not the cause of miscarriage, I don't want to take any chances. No one has been able to really tell me why I miscarried, and both times were different enough that they cannot pin point one thing. I spent a lot of time afterwards thinking of all the things that I did wrong or all the unhealthy choices I made to try and find something to blame it on. Needless to say I didn't get very far. So, I decided that out of all the unhealthy choices I made this was probably the worst. I need all the support I can get for this. I have started by not taking any cigarettes to work with me. That means at least 10 hours a day with no cigarettes. I also keep telling myself that its for the baby. (that doesn't always work but most of the time) I will apologize ahead of time for my bad attitude that goes along with not smoking (they say it passes but apparently I have never quit long enough to get to that point!) If for some reason I offend you or are rude, PLEASE don't take it personally. Just remember my hormones are out of control and I am not smoking and then please forgive me!
I am glad I started this blog. It has already helped me. It also helps to keep everyone up to date. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So it begins......again.

So I found out that I am pregnant again yesterday (9/25/2011). Here is a little bit of history to catch you all up. In 2008 my husband and I got pregnant for the first time. Everything was going really well until about the 16th week. At 16 weeks my water broke. Unfortunately my body had developed an infection and we were not able to save the baby. Sometimes when your water breaks that early in a pregnancy it can be replenished (the amniotic fluid) and you can continue with the pregnancy, however in my case, because of the infection we were not able to wait and see if that was a possibility. This was a pretty devistating time for both my husband and I. Its hard to understand why.
Then, we got pregnant again in 2010. It was a similar situation. When I was about 17 weeks, the baby dropped. They put me in the hospital "upside down" to try and get the baby to go back up. Again, my body developed an infection. Womens bodies become more prone to infection in this situation so my doctor warned me that this was a possibility. At that point the only choice we had was to terminate the pregnancy. This time around was a lot harder than the first time. We both went through some major depressions. I still have a hard time with it.
Now I am pregnant for the 3rd time. I decided to start a blog just to get some of my feelings out on paper. Not to mention its a lot easier to send people to a blog to see your updates then have to tell everyone personally.
My husband and I are extremely excited to give this another shot! However, I cannot stop feeling a little scared. It is really hard to keep a positive attitude after having been through what we have. I can't imagine going through it all again.
We do have a couple of things going for us. One is the BEST doctor we could ask for! My doctor has set up a plan for us that will hopefully help us be successful this time around. The "plan" involves a lot of doctors visits, ultrasounds, and tests. I plan to blog after each appointment with updates on what is happening. (and more technical names for everything.) The second is our families. They are amazing and have been so supportive through all the rough patches. I don't think we would have made it without them! We love you guys!
My first ultrasound will be on October 17th and my first doctors appointment will be October 19th. So stay tuned for updates! Welcome to my blog, thanks for reading!