Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Miss Food:(

So the last few days have been spent trying desperately not to throw up. I have been doing ok. I did throw up once but that has been it so far. Just a constant feeling of ickyness:( When I went to my doctor she said that being tired and sick is very healthy and normal for pregnancy. I just hope I am not one who is sick the entire pregnancy. I miss food:( I miss being able to eat all the yummy goodness.....Wow just typing those words made me a little sick. I am telling you, its bad! On top of that I have the winter sniffles. Hopefully it is not going to turn into like the flu or anything.
I did finally let everyone I work with know. The feedback was very positive! A HUGE difference from the last time. We have worked out a plan and a schedule that I think will work for the time being. It is nice that they have the staff to cover if I really need it. I can't really afford to take time off, BUT, its nice to know that I can without repercussion. I think it also helps that there is a houskeeper that is pregnant right now as well and we have both been experiencing morning sickness. It is nice to have someone who can relate to what your going through in the moment. I know a lot of you have been through pregnancies but having someone to sort of go through it with you is nice. If that makes any sense. I feel like I have more people on my side this time, instead of against me.
Today was my 1 year anniversary. We spent the day playing video games and watching movies. We were going to go to dinner but with the whole food hating me right now, it didn't really make sense to go out to eat. My birthday last week was kindof the same. I just hope that I am not sick through all the fun holidays this year. It would probably kill me if I wasn't able to eat Thanksgiving dinner:( And all the yummy baked goods through the season! It would be truely devistating!
Another thing that I have noticed lately are smells. I swear I can smell EVERYTHING! This does not go over well with the sick thing. One wif of something horrible and its all down hill from there. Thanks to a great friend of mine (lisa) I have a sentsy warmer and some really good scents! I have that thing on pretty much all day long. It at least drowns out all the other interesting smells my nose seems to pick up!
Well that is all I have to add today. I have another ultrasound the end of this week and then another doctor appointment on the 19th. We should be able to hear a heartbeat! Very exciting! Thanks for reading!

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