Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So Far So Good!

Well things are looking good. I had an ultrasound today. I am only 5 weeks pregnant (because according to the ultrasound tech I apparently didn't ovulate when the world told me to;)so you couldn't really see anything. I did get a picture of a gestational sack and a yolk so I definately have the starts of a little one inside. My hormones are increasing rapidly (like they are suppose to) I went from being at 760 to over 1900 in less than 48 hours. Once again, it is no wonder women get so crazy when they are pregnant! My first doctors appointment was moved to tomorrow October 4th. She decided she wanted to get some cultures to make sure everything is starting out ok. I am kindof lucky I think. Most women don't even get in to see a doctor until they are about 8 weeks. They also don't get to do an ultrasound this early. I am glad I got to do both early however it does put a false sense on how far along I really am (at least in my own brain).
I have been having a little bit of morning sickness. It is honestly nothing like the last time. I think I have a better idea of how to manage it this time, which I am truley grateful for. It is just hard to find something that sounds good. NOTHING sounds good. Not even my most favorite foods. I love food but right now we are fighting:) I have to force myself to eat otherwise I just get sicker and sicker. Forcing yourself to eat when you don't want to really sucks! About as bad as being super hungry and not having any food to eat!
My task to quit smoking is on the right track. Since I found out I was pregnant, I have not smoked at work not once! That may not sound like a very big step but for those of you who know me or smoke for that matter should know how big that is! I am finally to a point where I don't even think about it at work. The next step is to stop smoking in the car. I was thinking that if I kept eliminating the times that I smoke the most then I can eventually just quit. I really want to go into my doctors appointment on the 19th of October and tell her I have quit! It would be such a huge thing for me! Has anyone ever tried those electronic cigarettes? I was just curious as to how well they worked. I was thinking that maybe that could help me quit too, but I don't want to spend that much money on it until I do some real research. The last thing I need is something that is going to be just as addictive as a regular cigarette. 
So quick recap: I am stuborn because I didn't ovulate when the world said to, I am hungry because I can't eat anything, I am crazy because my hormones are through the roof, I am lucky because I get to do things no one else gets to, and last but not least I am soooooo HAPPY because I am pregnant and the third time is a charm! Have a wonderful day everyone! Thanks for reading! Come again!


  1. I LOVE YOU! Annnnd I am super proud of you!
    As far as food goes, maybe I can find something to make that is so super yummy, it penetrates the lack of taste in your taste buds.

  2. I ate Graham Crackers all the time. They weren't what I wanted to eat but they helped coat my tummy so they worked :) And for the electronic cigarettes I have heard a patient at work tell me he quit using one and his mom was now quitting with it so maybe it does??

  3. I have had a few friends try to do the electronic cigarette and they all said it was a waste of money. I am very happy for you also, I know it has been a long road. Keep me posted.

  4. Oh and Nefertiti is me Carrie. lol She is my idol of Ancient Egypt.

  5. My sister in law uses those e-cigarettes. She says that they work pretty well to help you cut back. She hasn't been able to give up regular cigarettes completely though. It's worth a shot.