Wednesday, November 2, 2011

1st Trimester....Take a Hike!

Well we are about at the end of the first trimester. I keep waiting for the magical day when I really start to feel better. I guess part of me is just expecting it to happen over night. Although that doesn't seem likely, it would be incredibly nice. I am getting tired of being tired and sick every single day of my life! uggg! I also miss my friends and family! I keep trying to make plans and end up having to cancel because I don't feel up to it. That is frusterating for me and I know you all miss me too;) It will get better.....right?...
We are coming up on the holiday season! I am excited for it all! Especially the super yummy food for Thanksgiving and then the decorating for Christmas! YAY for that! All I can say is that it would be a very sad day if I was sick on Thanksgiving. I am kindof excited to have an excuse to eat for 2;) Normally I would just do it anyways but now I can tell everyone I have to! I know what you're all thinking but please don't burst my bubble:) I can eat as much as I want on Thanksgiving. I have lost 4 pounds in the last couple of weeks anyways so I need to eat a lot!
Moving on. Does anyone want to bet on if its a boy or girl? Willy really wants a little boy (most guys do). I would really be happy either way. If you just give me a damn baby when this is all said and done I will be happy. Hell I would be happy with a baby with six toes if that means I get this baby. Anyways, my next ultrasound will be on the 7th and we just might be able to see if its a boy or girl. It is still a little early but we got lucky last time since little man was spread eagle just chillin:) So maybe this time we will get lucky too!
I haven't had any random phone calls from the doctor lately, which is a huge relief. After they ran all those tests I was just waiting for it. I am guessing that no news is good news? Hopefully anyways. I feel good, other than the normal yucky that goes along with pregnancy. I mean I feel like everything is going well. And even though I have moments of being extremely negative I am truely grateful for another oppertunity to try and have a baby. I know Willy is too. Just keep those fingers crossed for us:) You know what they say....Third times a charm!


  1. 6 toes would be awesome. I only have girls so those seem normal to me. good luck!

  2. I hope that you get either one girlie. I remember bein sick and tired all the way through both pregnancies. Hun, you are goin to be tired for the next 9 years at least. I am just gettin the kids trained to be quiet on the weekends so I can sleep in lol. Anyway, I hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday season. Is your mom and any of the other kids coming for Thanksgiving this year? If they do give me a call.

  3. Usually you can't tell what the baby is until at least like 15-16 weeks at the very, very earliest. How far along are you? Around 9 or 10 right? Well here's hoping anyway! I hope you get feeling better.