Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nearing the end of the beginning.

So we are at 38 weeks this week...........All I can say is, that is amazing! I am surprised every day that I haven't had this baby:) He was never suppose to make it all the way, and look at him now! I keep telling my husband it is because we are growing a super genius. The truth is, he has a couple of pretty stubborn parents so he is probably just taking his time and doing it his way.
The last few weeks have been pretty frustrating. I had my cerclage taken out on May 4th. We had our hospital bag and everything ready because the doctor had told us that there was a good chance that I would go into labor when they did the procedure. I did come out with a lot of contractions, but once I was re-hydrated and able to feel my legs again ( I had to have a spinal) all the contractions stopped so they sent me home. We had to come back on the 7th because they were not actually able to get the entire stitch out. Apparently, they got the stitch apart but the string was stuck. So we went in again with our hospital bag packed and ready and excited that we could have the baby. It was a very similar experience. We had a few good contractions after they were done but they all came to a stop. Now, from what I understand, most women are pretty anxious at this point in the pregnancy as it is. When you are told from day one that your baby will probably not make it full term it is hard to be patient at 38 weeks!
The last doctors appointment that I had, (which was between the cerclage and today) they monitored the baby and my contractions. The baby sounded great, and was moving around A LOT! The doctor came in to the room and said "are you in labor?" I was having contractions but not painful at all. Just a little tightening of the belly. She then said I would probably not make it another week. Well here we are a week later and still no baby:( We are going in today for another doctors visit so we will see what the prediction is today. I am still trying to convince myself that he is not coming until his due date or later, but again when you have been expecting him since week 32 its hard to wait that long.
So here is to my stubborn super genius: Oliver I love you and can't wait to meet you!

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  1. It always sucks to be far along and just waiting for the baby to come but in your case it would be horrible! You have waited so long! It is your turn!